The Initiative

Cornell7.jpgTri Delta launched BodyImage3D® in 2012 as a multi-dimensional approach to body image awareness and education. This ongoing initiative encourages a more well-rounded, in-depth body image by focusing on three key components: healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit.

BodyImage3D recognizes that a healthy body image includes more than just weight or size and that achieving the healthy ideal looks different for everyone. Therefore, BodyImage3D includes varying areas of focus, all relating to body image that encompass healthy mind, body and spirit.

BI3D® does not take place on a specific date. Rather, through the inclusion of articles, events, initiatives, challenges, activities, social media and program opportunities, This allows more flexibility for groups or individuals to determine how and when they will strive for and achieve a healthier, more complete body image.

Taken from the Body Image Manifesto, "I am 3D" serves as the BodyImage3D tagline or mantra. It implies someone who is committed to and models healthy mind, body and spirit.

Having initiated over 200,000 women since its founding in 1888, Tri Delta is a leader among social Greek organizations through its passion for progress and visionary thinking. Through partnerships with nationally recognized organizations like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, award-winning publications like The Trident, and innovative collegiate and alumnae initiatives, Tri Delta is committed to leveraging our timeless values to revitalize the sorority experience.

Tri Delta is grateful to all who get involved with BodyImage3D and help spread our message to make a difference in the lives, confidence and overall well-being of women.

BodyImage3D®, IAM3D®, Reflections®, Fat Talk free® and Friends Don't Let Friends Fat Talk® are all registered Trademarks of Delta Delta Delta.
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