Fat Talk Free® Week

FriendsDontLetFriends_Girl.jpgWhen is Fat Talk Free® Week? 
This year, Fat Talk Free® Week will be celebrated during the week of October 20-24, 2014. Should this week conflict with the schedules of any group or organization willing to participate, an alternate week may be selected.

What is Fat Talk Free® Week?
Fat Talk Free® Week is an annual five-day body image awareness campaign, typically held in October, that draws attention to body image issues and the damaging impact of the "thin ideal" on women in society. Read the press release here.

The purpose of Fat Talk Free Week is to:
  • Educate others about the damaging impact of pursuing the thin ideal and the use of fat talk on women of all ages
  • Inspire change in the way we think and feel about our bodies
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle and one that urges individuals to live a balanced life in mind, body & spirit.
What is Fat Talk?
Fat Talk describes any statement that reinforces the thin-ideal standard of beauty and contributes to women and men's dissatisfaction with their bodies. Examples include: 
  • "I'm so fat."
  • "Do I look fat in this?"
  • "She should not be wearing that!"
  • "Does this make my butt look big?"
  • "I need to lose 10 pounds before I wear that."
What do you do?
Individuals and chapters are encouraged to get involved with Fat Talk Free® Week in any of the following ways:
We want to know about your events! Share your pictures on social media using #EndFatTalk, #Iam3D or #BodyImage3D, and email them to us

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